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Hope you are doing well. Today I am going to show you how you can do Web 2.0 link building manually and make yourself a powerful WhiteHat PBN :p .

I see many bloggers struggling with link building. They are mainly the new bloggers who don't have  single clue about link building for their blog.

All they do for backlinking is either comment on other blogs or make links through social bookmarking.They hope to rank for competitive keywords but sadly after few months they quit blogging :(. This is because comment links are useless if  you don't have some authority links is pointing to your blog. 

Even I had no idea about link building when I started blogging in 2014.

The bitter truth is when anybody starts blogging they have no money to invest in link building services or in a paid campaign.

If you can relate to this situation, then the solution to all of your problems are Web 2.0s. The best part of Web 2.0s is that they can be easily made and are totally free, unlike PBNs.

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What are Web 2.0 sites?​

​Web 2.0 sites are essentially sites which emphasize on user generated content. It allows users to interact and collaborate with each other in a social media dialogue.

Some examples of Web 2.0 sites are Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, WordPress and Blogger. These are sites where you can create your site on their subdomain. Tumblr, WordPress and Blogger. These are sites where you can create your own site on their domain. 

They are essentially free blogging platforms. Most of the properties allow you to add images, videos and links to their platform. 

The best part of Web 2.0 sites is that all have a very high Domain Authority. For example, WordPress has an authority of 97 and Blogger has DA of 96.

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Why are Web 2.0 sites so important?

Before starting the site, I'd like to mention Why Web 2.0 sites are so important and useful in the link building process.

  • Domain Authority - All Web 2.0 sites  have a very high DA. Higher DA means higher rankings.
  • Free - The best part of Web 2.0 sites are that they are free. There is also no limit to how many you can make.
  • Page Authority - Only a few links can take your PA from 0 to 20.
  • Links - You can link as many websites with any anchor text of your choice.

​Despite this relevancy is the key while making Web 2.0 sites for link building.

​Does Web 2.0 Link Building work in 2016 ?

For those wondering that if this strategy still works in 2016, Yes it does. Most SEO gurus might not advise you to go this link building strategy. But the bitter truth is that it works as good as it did few years back if you abide by some rules.

Many niche site experts are building and ranking their sites by this exact link building method from ground up and are earning as high as 2k$ per month.

Al-Amin KabirFounder of Marketever

I built even $2K+ making site relying mainly on Web 2.0 links. (Yes, you heard right, $2K+ site with Web 2.0 links, no PBN, no Thousand dollar OUTREACH/Guest Post)

List of Web 2.0 Sites

​Advantages over PBNs

Most people are likely to compare Web 2.0 sites with PBNs. I rate Web 2.0 as reliable as PBN. Let us see what are the advantages of PBNs over Web 2.0s.

  • Free - The toughest part of creating a PBNs is that it requires a huge investment which includes buying an expired domain and its hosting. Web 2.0s, on the other hand, are free.
  • WhiteHat - While PBNs have chances of getting penalised by Google, Web 2.0 are 99% safe to use.
  • Hassle Free- If you have your own PBN network then you might know the trouble of setting up the PBN on different hosting platform to keep it safe from Google
  • Authority - No PBN can beat a Web 2.0 in terms of Domain Authority.

​Types of Web 2.0 Link Building

1.Using new Web 2.0 site

2.Using Expired Web 2.0s​

If you are starting a Web 2.0 link building campaign then you have two options, one is that you can either create a new Web 2.0 or you can search or buy an expired Web 2.0 and then add your links in the content.

You can't exactly tell if one them is more profitable in comparison the other as either one has it as it has its advantages and disadvantages.

​Using New Web 2.0s

Most people think that setting up a Web 2.0 is very easy for link building but you must keep a lot of things in check before and after creating a Web 2.0 for maximum results.

I will guide you through step by step instructions of a creating a perfect Web 2.0 which will be as good as a PBN.

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Let's get started.

Setting Up a Web 2.0 ​site

The best part of Web 2.0 site is setting up is damn easy unlike PBNs. 

First, choose your favourite Web 2.0 site. I would prefer Tumblr, WordPress and Nabble for my Web 2.0 link building.

I will recommend you to use a different email account for different Web 2.0s of the same platform. You might find it hard to create different email accounts for different Web 2.0, but trust me this is very important.

Google can easily track your footprints and penalise you. It is not necessary you use Gmail for creating email accounts. Yahoo and Yandex work just as well.

If you are wondering how many of them, I should create. Well, no person is capable of predicting  how many of them will be enough to show you results, but ten would be a good number to start.

Pro Tip - Yandex

If you are into internet marketing then you there might be a point where you are short of email accounts for various tasks. Most of the popular email providers need a phone verification. This is difficult when you need a lot of them.

Yandex Mail is a free Russian based email provider which lets you create email accounts  without phone verification. You can create as many of them you want.

These accounts come in handy for link building campaigns and even for creating Social Bookmarks for your site.

Visit Us

Choosing the Web 2.0 address

After setting up a Web 2.0 account you will have set an address. So what should your Web 2.0 address be like?

Its simple. It should be related to your niche.

For this, I use the tool KeywordTool. This is a free keyword research tool like Google Keyword Planner.

Just enter your seed keyword and it will show you hundreds of keyword relating to your keyword.

You can easily get 15-20 brandable names from the list.

For example, if my niche is best Bluetooth speakers my addresses for the Web 2.0 would be like -




Make the Web 2.0s look natural.​

 Note: While naming your Web 2.0s to make sure you mix up the addresses. The main goal is to make sure that the Web 2.0 looks original and genuine and not like that they are made on purpose for boosting a site’s rankings. Make variations.

You can outsource the service as cheap as 5$. I have myself ordered many orders and the results are amazing.


Source Market

Pro Tip - Organising

The most common mistake that I see people making are they do not have any track of what they are doing. For example, if they are creating many Web 2.0s they forget the login details or site URL.

Make sure you create an excel sheet on Google Docs or MS Excel and fill up the details of your Web 2.0s as you proceed with your campaign.

Some recommended fields -

  • Name of Web 2.0
  • User Name and Password of Main Account
  • Site URL
  • Index Status
  • Last Content Added Date
  • Keyoword Targetting

You might find this kiddish. But it will come very handy when you need to add content to the site. Moreover you will have full control on your site.

Adding Content

Adding content to the Web 2.0 site is the hardest part to Web 2.0 Link Building. No, it is not as simple as copying content from the main site and adding links to it. You can't add copied content to a Tier 1 site.

​Most people fail to add original or enough content.

 This is the most important process in Web 2.0 Link Building .

Ways to create the content ​

1.Write yourself - Writing content yourself can be tedious. But if you want the results you have to add original content.

Try to schedule the posts to make things easier.

2.OutSource Content - If you are high on a budget then outsourcing is the best option. You can post your requirement on sites like Freelancer and UpWork.

3.Spinned Content - Well I won't recommend this, but it still works. You can either use a paid tool like Kontent Machine or the free ones.

4.Scraping Content - You can add scraped content from other websites using various paid tools. But scraped content works well for Tier 2 and is not recommended for Tier 1.

Creating mandatory pages

These pages are important for all websites. Make sure to create them for Web 2.0s as you would do for the main site.

1.About Us - ​Just a short description about the Niche will do. If you want to add any names you can use FakeNameGenerator.

2.Contact Us - Add a contact form in the page to make it look genuine.

3.Privacy Policy - ​You can use sites like GeneratePrivacyPolicy.com to generate a unique privacy policy for your sites. It will save a lot of time.

Content Guidelines ​

Make sure add at least 400+ words content to each post. Try to break it into smaller paragraphs to make the post look natural.

Try not to add all content in one go. Make sure you schedule your posts.

Make sure maintain On Page SEO as you would do for your money site. Add relevant links to make it look natural. Try to avoid keyword stuffing.

We want these sites to look natural. 1-3% keyword density is more than enough.

Try to mix up the anchor text you use to link to your main site. ​Try to be unpredictable. 

Try to post atleast 4-5 posts to each Web 2.0. Add relevant images and videos.

Make sure the Links are Indexed​

If you want the link juice to pass on to your money site, make sure the site is indexed by Google.

To check if a site is indexed or not search for -

"site:url(without http)"

Eg - site:nbkart.wordpress.com

If your site is not indexed, then you can force by submitting to Google Webmaster Tools, or you can ping using the various services online.

​You can use premium link indexing service like Linklicious to get them forcefully indexed. There also so many similar services available online.

Boosting your Web 2.0

Boosting a Web 2.0 ​site is very important for maximum results. There are many ways you can boost a Web 2.0 property.

Social Signals​

Social Signals will help boost and index your Web 2.0 on Google. You can easily buy a package from sites like Fiverr and SeoClerk.

You can also do it manually yourself using platforms such as AddmeFast.

Tier 2 Links ​

It is important to boost your Web 2.0s using Tier 2 or 3 links. These links can be any type of links including comment links, social bookmarks or directory links.

This will help to increase the page authority of the site which will compliment the high authority of the domain.

Pro Tip - Add Content in Future

I see most bloggers ignoring the Web 2.0s after adding few posts. This is a very wrong habit to practice.

Add content to each Web 2.0 on a regular basis. This will make sure the link juice and the power of the Web 2.0 never dies.

​Using Expired Web 2.0s

In this method, we use expired Web 2.0 properties which already have a good PA. This way you need not have to boost these properties.

These properites will show quick results. 

So main question arises that how can you find the expired Web 2.0 properties which also are relevant to your niche.

​You can either scrape them yourselves or you can even buy them from sites like Fiverr.

Step 1 : Finding the Web 2.0s

​The best way to get them is to buy them. Don't worry they come as cheap as $1 each. 

There are many marketplaces  to buy them. Some are mentioned below - 

1.Konker(search for expired Tumblr)


3.Affiliate Hustle​

They will even provide you with login details with the accounts. Tumblr works best in expired Web 2.0, but you try others as well.

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If you want to scrape them yourselves, then you need a paid tool like ScrapeBox or Domain Hunter.

You will have to scrape them first and check the best out of them. I won't go into detail on how to scrape them. You can read the post below for this.

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Step 2 : Dropping those Links

The easiest part of Expired Web 2.0 Link Building. Unlike the earlier method no need to add some fancy articles. You just need a picture and few lines of text with the link.

Just make sure you use different IPs while adding content in each of the expired Web 2.0 properties.

Make sure that you use different versions of the anchor text each time. You can be penalised if you use the same anchor text each time while creating backlinks.

Q/A with the Experts

If you are still not satisfied if Web 2.0 works or not then hear from the experts. I reached out to two professional bloggers and asked them some questions. 

First blogger is Tuhin Adhikary from Serpdaddy.com. ​You can read his answers below.

Tuhin Adhikary

1.Can you introduce yourself to our readers as to what you do and what experience you poses?

Hi there, I am a Social Media and SEO consultant. Initially, starting out as a freelancer I now have over 7 years experience and work as an SEO and online marketing consultant, My thirst to learn new things and genuine enthusiasm for all things technical has provided me with a vast range of skills including web design, graphic design, SEO, social media, video editing, animation and project management.

My other main passions are travelling and blogging so I now work as a full-time freelancer and spend as much time as I can on the road.

2.Does Web 2.0 work in 2016? What is your experience with it?

Yes, Web 2.0 works in 2016, you can use them for medium and low competition keywords. I have ranked several client websites with Web 2.0

3.Can Web 2.0 only rank low competition keyword?

No, they can rank high competition keywords as well.

4.How is Web 2.0 different from a PBN? Which one would you prefer?

Google is ultra smart nowadays, they can easily find footprints from Web 2.0 and PBN. Make sure you don't leave any footprint. PBN are a little bit of risky so I prefer Web 2.0

5.What should you to the Web 2.0 property to keep it strong down the line.

Use unique 500+ words quality article. Don't use any spun crap. Make sure you add the 3-5 article on each Web 2.0 and inner link the articles.Use about us, contact us page and social profiles. Build some social signals and backlinks on those Web 2.0, treat them as your money site, and you will see the result.

Second Blogger is Kimsea Sok from Cambodia. He has been blogging from 2009. You can read his answers below.

Kimsea Sok

1.Can you introduce yourself to our readers as to what you do and what experience you poses?

I’m Kimsea Sok, a blogger and freelance writer from Cambodia.

I’ve been blogging in the earlier of 2009, maybe. When first started an online business, I made lots of mistakes related to blogging and marketing, so I always love to share those mistakes with newbies and hope they help in somehow.

I’m now running several niche projects, but my main blogs are http://basicblogtalk.com and http://blogmarketingsea.com. Usually, I blog about blogging and marketing related topics, and you can follow me on Facebook and Twitter.

2.Does Web 2.0 work in 2016? What is your experience with it?

It does work in 2016, too, the future, but so different between 2010. Google updates its algorithms and creates many animals to detect low-quality content and unnatural link building.

The noticed way to survive web 2.0 is to focus on quality (manual spinning) and natural so you have to slow down your process and make sure you’re safe.

The personal experience, before my blog was hacked, I ranked it on the top of “blogging community” and more.

3.Can Web 2.0 only rank low competition keyword?

The competitive rate doesn’t matter for web 2.0, and you can rank for any keywords. However, if you chose a high competitive rate, you’ll need a hardworking and more time so my recommendation is to go with a right competitive rate.

4.How is Web 2.0 different from a PBN? Which one would you prefer?

Think about the difference between web2.blogspot.com and pbn.com. You have full control permission to your PBN, but more cost while Web 2.0 no follows in some cases and you need to follow the rule of the platform. What’s more, Web 2.0 isn’t your properties.

I believe that Web 2.0 isn’t going to die, but might not easy to rank our website anymore due to the Google update. So I recommend focusing on PBN and maintaining the quality content. Furthermore, you’ll need a good team to help in running PBN campaign.

5.What should you do to the Web 2.0 property to keep it strong down the line?

Keep yourself update to the platform and search engines game changing. Focus on managing quality contents, so it’s the best way for long term operation.

6.What kind of results have you achieved with Web 2.0?

Not sure I’m right to this question, but as I wrote in #2 question. I’ve ranked my blog on top of search engines. What’s more, I did several projects for Web 2.0, and it’s a candy income.

To enligthen us with broken Web 2.0 Link Building we have Mr. Udit Goenka who is founder of multiple hosting companies.

1.Could please introduce yourself to our readers?
I’m Udit Goenka, the CEO & Co-Founder of Power Up Hosting, Inc. & GoPBN. My company and I have been featured on Forbes and Inc. Magazine now holds close to 1000 servers that we own across multiple cities around the world.

I have been in the Hosting and SEO business for over six years now where I have worked with a lot of top Marketers, SEOers in the world, specially featuring in the Ungagged 2014 Vegas SEO conference. Most of my time spent is in researching data, optimization and way how I can acquire customers using different inbound and outbound marketing strategy.

Other than the professional side, I love reading books, playing games, watching Football (Manchester United forever) and can’t live without coffee. Also, soon starting my blog at uditgoenka.com where I will be posting a lot of crazy stuffs soon!
2. Do you think Expired Web 2.0 Link Building is better than the traditional Web 2.0 Link Building?
I would say, it’s important to have a mix of both.


Let me explain:

If you only have an expired domain with a certain amount of stats on your Web 2.0 pointing towards your money site, would it look natural? No, it won’t. Mix up both, the newly build Web 2.0 and expired domains.
Tip: You can always build some expired Web 2.0 Tier 2 for your newly registered 2.0 which will pass some great link juice.
3. What are the Dos and Don’ts of Web 2.0 Link Building?
I have a huge list of Do’s and Don’ts, but I will keep it short and important ones for this one.
– Make your Web 2.0 look like a real site.
– Each article should range from 1000-2000 words
– Randomize your articles (Some could be 1232 words, while the next one could be 1583 words.)
– Get a custom video done; you can use Animoto or spend some money on Fiverr, upload it on a YT account. (Drop a link to your Web 2.0 Tier 1 to pass more link juice).
– Add at least 20 articles per Web 2.0.
– Interlink your pages to pass link juice.
– Link back to your primary article for your keyword after posting 5-8 articles.
– Drip feed them
– Don’t put crappy spun contents.
– Don’t use crappy low-quality contents. Remember, you need to write for the readers, there could be a chance that your page might rank naturally on Google.
– Don’t go lazy, when I say that, it takes time to fetch results, so don’t lose hope and patience.
– Don’t compromise with the quality of the design and contents.
I guess, that’s about it for now on the Do’s and Don’ts
4. When can one expect to see results?
Patience is the key!
With Penguin 4.0 going real time, and Panda getting worse, the results would depend on the quality of your work. Higher the quality, better would be the results. Ideally, if you have built everything correctly, then you can start seeing some movements in 2-3 weeks.
Tip: You can always build some Tier 2 links that can help you to pass link juice.
5. What kind of results you have seen using expired Web 2.0s?
I have ranked for some crazy keywords, In fact, I have some of my Web 2.0 naturally ranking for my desired keyword which helps me drive natural traffic.
6. Is Web 2.0 Link Building worth the effort?
Yes! Totally, one should invest enough time and money to grab the best of the link juice from Web 2.0 as they have very high Domain Authority Stats.  
If you have anymore question, then do let me know, and I will be more than happy to answer your question.
Thank You.


For those who don't have enough time to read the whole post can go through a short summary below.

1. Find the Web 2.0 you want to make a site on. I prefer Tumblr and Jimdoo.

2. Sign up for a new account on the Web 2.0 and make sure you use a different email id for each one.

3.​ Generate  various names for the website addresses. No need if you are using an expired Web 2.0.

4. ​Set up the Web 2.0 with the desired address.

5. Add the mandatory pages as mentioned above.

6. Add quality content to the property. Make sure it is at least 400+ words.

7. Add images and videos wherever possible. Make sure the Web 2.0 property looks natural.

8. Use different variations of the anchor text while linking to your Money Site. Also, interlink other Web 2.0 property.

9. Try to index the Web 2.0 by various methods as shown above.

10. Boost the Web 2.0 property by Tier 2 and Tier 3 links. Also boost them by social signals.

11. Add small pieces of content on a regular basis in the future to make sure you get the best results.​

I hope the post was useful. If you have any doubts or questions, then feel free to drop them below.

Have a great day.


Himanshu Gupta

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