Thrive Architect Review – The Best Landing Page Builder

Do you create a lot of landing pages or want to make your posts look epic?

Then Thrive Architect also know as Thrive Content Builder 2.0 could be the answer to all your questions.

In this review I will be covering about the Thrive Architect and its new features. I will compare it with the Thrive Content Builder and will see if it's worth your hard earned money.

A bit about Thrive Content Bu​​​​​​​​​​ilder (earlier one)

Thrive Content Builder has been my most favorite tool for creating landing pages or to pump up these boring looking posts. But this not enough.

It has lot more features. Animations, Testimonials, Timers etc to name a few. I use it on all my websites. It is pretty powerful tool at a giveaway price. It used to sell at only 67$ as one time charge.

It had in-built landing pages templates and tools to make the process faster and smoother. Overall when you compare it to normal HTML websites and the time it takes to create landing pages , Thrive Architect is 10x faster.

What if I bought Thrive Content Builder?

If you bought Thrive Content Builder, then you need not worry you will get a free upgrade.

Thrive Products are one the best and well priced in comparison to all their competitors. I totally recommend them. Be it Thrive Leads, Thrive Quiz Builder or Thrive Themes, all some useful tools you must have at your disposal 🙂

You can get their Thrive Membership for only 67 $/pm. This will include all their suite of tools.


What is Thrive Architect aka Thrive Content Builder 2.0 ?

Thrive Content Builder got many updates along the road. But Thrive Architect is a massive update to the content builder. I have used many content builder but Thrive was the best and now that it has been revamped nobody comes near.

Let’s talk about the features that was not before in the Thrive Content Builder 1.0 -

So I will talk only about the stand out features -

1. Its faster -

If you used Thrive Content Builder before you must have experienced the slowness of the plugin. Sometimes it would take ages to save or to load for the first time.

It was quite clunky and sometimes it keep on saving for hours together.

Now, I won’t tell that it is blazing fast but it is better, way better. The overall experience of using is great. Moving elements is faster and even the loading and saving times have reduced.

In short words, you will love it.

The overall time you spend is reduced so things are done quicker.

Still you need save your work, no auto-save still. Would love an auto-save feature 🙂

2. Make different changes across different platforms (Mobile, Tablet, PC) -

Using the new Thrive Architect feature you can make different changes to the page to be seen in different platforms

Before you could make changes only to the Full PC mode and hope to be optimized by Thrive Content Builder. But frankly speaking most of the time it would be look quite bad, but you need not worry now.

So using this feature you can exactly see how the page looks in different modes that is Tablet, Mobile and PC.

Not only this you can show certain elements in Mobile while not showing it on Desktop. For example, let’s say there is Call to Action button and you want different text to be displayed on different platforms.

Let say you want Click Here to be shown in Desktop and Tap Now to be shown on Tablet and Mobile Devices.

You can just duplicate the button and choose where it needs to be shown. This is just an example. You can be creative and do lots of other stuff.

3. Lot More Options

With Thrive Architect you get lot more options, be it editing a text or adding a photo. All the options are shown on the left hand side.

With TBC the main issues I faced was the options menu. Though it was there most of the times it was very hard to activate. It would disappear many times.

Well that’s improved a lot in Thrive Architect.

The options interface is quite sleek and easy to use. You can do all the many changes in one section.

You now have the option to even edit images, like changing the opacity or grayscale levels.

Earlier the options panel would cover more of the working area but now that it has been added to options panel you can work with the full area.

4. New Styles

Many new styles have been added to different elements. Like buttons have many different styles.

Same is the case with Testimonials and Sharing buttons. Even new icons have been added.

Almost all elements have new styles added.

5. Compatibility

You will be able to easily edit the content you formatted using Thrive Content Builder. This will be a life saver you have been using Thrive Content Builder for a long time.

Even when you deactivate the plugin, the content formatted using TBC earlier will be preserved.

6. Ability to add Video Background

We were all waiting for this and this feature is finally here. You can now add a video as a background, earlier it only supported images.

Specially for startup and businesses this feature is very useful. You have the ability to add video from Vimeo, Wistia and also the video uploaded onto your site.

7. Drag and Drop

You can easily make columns and remove columns just by dragging the element in or removing it out.

This way it save a lot of time and its hassle free.

8. Editing Text is a breeze

Now you can edit text while typing. This a life saver.

Now adding text from Google Docs is very easy and hassle free. Now I take 20% less time in formatting text. You would not want to write your blog posts directly onto the text editor. I would recommend Google Docs.

9. Additional Settings

Using the additional setting you can do basic tasks like-

1.Edit HTML - If you are interested in adding HTML code to your page

2.Switch sides- You can switch the Editor menu from left to right and vica versa.

3.Turn off reminder that reminds to shows to save the work.

4.You can now search elements. Quite handy.

So is Thrive Architect better than the Thrive Content Builder?

Ofcourse Yes. It is a no brainer.

All the features have gone better. Most of the new features are very useful. If you never bought Thrive Content Builder then you should definitely go the Thrive Architect. It is a wonderful tool which is actually a combination of many tools.

It makes building landing pages and homepages a breeze. I love all Thrive Products. They are best at what they do.

So is the Thrive Architect the best Landing Page Builder?

Yes for sure Thrive Content Builder is the best landing page builder. While there are many landing page builder but Thrive is the best.

Issues still I faced using the Thrive Content Builder

  • I had still had issues saving my work
  • Auto Save Feature still missing
  • There must a Simpler UI. Lot of  unnecessary things are packed into the software. Something like a Expert and Newbie mode would be great

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Final Conclusion

The length of the post speaks a ton as how much I love this software.

It helps me boost my CTR in all my niche websites and also this one. I consider Thrive Architect the best plugin on WordPress and even in terms of affordability. At only 67$ this is steal deal. I thank the developers at Thrive Themes who made all this possible. It has features which will easily cost over 500$ if you buy separate plugins for each task.

It’s like a Swiss knife of all plugins as it offers so many features in its entirety. Hope the Thrive Content Builder Review helped to you know exactly what this software offers you for 67$.

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Himanshu Gupta

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On August 27, 2017
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It’s like a Swiss knife of all plugins as it offers so many features in its entirety. Hope the Thrive Content Builder Review helped to you know exactly what this software offers you for 67$.

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