Blog Commenting : The Tactics I Used to Generate 100+ Comments

No, BlogRags isn’t dead.

It has been ages since the last article, but hopefully you’ll like this one.

Is Blog Commenting Dead?

I don't think so.

Comments is the only main way through which a reader interacts with you or any other member. These can be useful in a lot of different ways other than just for interaction.

Many people think that Blog Commenting is dead, but its kinda not. 

In this article I will be explaining the strategies and tactics I use to generate a lot of comments in all of my posts.



Why care about comments?

Blog Comments are a great way to interact with your readers and vice versa.

I see many bloggers ignoring their comments, even if you are earning a good sum, keep the interaction on. As the readers are that will make or break your blog.

I know there are lot of things people has to worry about that are important but Blog Comments should not be ignored.

They are the real proof that people are liking your content. If someone has spent few minutes to comment on your site, it means he has really liked your stuff.

As it is said -

"Content is  the King"

1. Blog Comments helps to Increase the length of your content

Increasing your content of your blog. In the blog post where I generated 100+ comments, the comments made up the 40% content of the blog post. That means the comments made the post content from 1x to 1.8x.

That’s a lot.

And when the value of x is more than 4000 then its even bigger. Comment generated me around 3000 words. This helped me to remain in the top 4 no matter what.

We recently analysed Brian Dean's latest post on Backlinko-

He recently shared his view on "SEO in 2018". His post got over 500+ comments. That's huge.

Results were kinda interesting -

Total Content Length was - 3128 words

Whereas Content Length generated by comments where a whopping - 18,000 words

That's about 600% more than the content he posted. That's one of the main reasons he stays on the top for his targetted. Readers help him to stay tight at #1 postition.

Of Course he has worked quite hard to be where he is today.

Ain't this enough to start focusing on focusing on Blog Comments 🙂 

2. Blog Comments helps in Building Connections

Blogger Outreach is important and useful too. But email is not only the way you can reach out to them. There are many other ways too, like blog comments.

Comments like “Thank You, Great Post” won’t help ;p

You need to write a worthy comment by actually reading the article. This will leave an impact on the blog owner and will force him to comment back.

Don’t try to spam, include links etc these don’t work.

And always try to comment back. Comment doesn’t mean you asking and him replying back. You can further continue it.

Asking a Question is a great way to start ​​​​​

​Few Tips to get Started

  • Try to tell the best thing about the post
  • Share your actual experience. Like if you read an article on making a omelette, tell how this guide helped or your past experiences
  • Ask a question. This will kinda force the blog owner to reply
  • Tell him how the post it benefited you

You can leverage this connection to secure guest posts, include him/her in your roundups, collaborations and the list goes on.

3. Blog Comments helps in Referral Traffic

Comments can help you bring leads. Well it does sound too good to be true. But it does help in bring readers.

Earlier when Guest Post wasn’t about securing a contextual link, people did for traffic and getting readers from other’s audience.

But this is only possible if you do the comments the right way. I will explain what should be included in a perfect content.

James from NicheHacks says on his post on Referral Traffic from Blog Comments-

" The referral traffic, it’s not earth shattering, but the bounce rates are low and they’re highly curious about my site.

It’s also a great foundation for landing guest blog spots and endorsements, which will be helpful in the future
. "

Social Proof

You can definitely brag about generating tons of comments. Also , people will see you as expert around that topic.

For example -

You are promoting a course or making people sign up to your newsletter, the no. of comments on that post definitely is a positive signal. This can help in a lot in increasing the conversion rate.

4. Blog Comments helps in Link Building

Most of the comments are no-follow. But people still build comment links right?

Because they matter. I use it myself to get better rankings. OfCourse you can’t rank a website using only comment links, but they do work.

Only make sure you are commenting on a relevant site. A site which is non- spammed.

More on that later in the post.

Franklin from OnlineDimes, is one of best marketers around.

He makes 100's of dollars per day using ClickBank.

He promotes ClickBank offers and you will be suprised to know that most of his rankings comes from relevant blog comments. 

You can know more about his link building stratigies from the above video.

5. LSI Keywords

LSI keywords (Latent Semantic Indexing) are basically keywords that are semantically related to your primary keyword. Contrary to popular belief, they are NOT just synonym or keywords that are similar in meaning.

When you generate a lot of comments, LSI Keywords are unknowingly gets included in your some of these comments.

These are great for On-Page SEO and helps you to be an authority around a particular topic. Also traffic off these long tail keywords are great 🙂 


How to generate a lot of Comments?

Now, let’s come to the hard part that how can you generate so many comments.

Do you need to force people to comment?

Ofcourse not. Even when a Youtuber says to subscribe to his channel in his each video.

Does everybody subscribes?

Ofcourse not!

Here are few things that will help you generate a ton of comments ( good one’s not the spam one’s 😛 )

1. Write something unique

Write something people have not have not talked about before or less talked about.

You can’t expect a lot of comments writing the same old thing everybody is talking about.

These can be -

  • Trend - Writing about something which is hot. People would love to read that and maybe comment too. Something like “Bitcoin” 🙂
  • Write something controversial - As it is said , any publicity is good publicity. People would definitely will engage with such a post. Eg - “On Page-Seo is dead” 
    Let me know in the comments which popular publication wrote this post.
  • Simplify things - If you can make a reader happy you can get him to comment too. People love simple things. Right!
  • Get experts to talk - You can easily reach out to them through a mail. Most will be more than happy to contribute.

As you can see they got over 4.8 K shares and over 143 comments. They changed the title after a while but it did the job for them. 

Write in a conversational tone -

Your writing style matters a lot. Try to write a post as if you are speaking to somebody. Use the words “you” and “I”.

This is help you connect with your readers.

Use of emojis also helps. Just kiddin 😛 

2. ​Write in-depth ( Create a Guide)

The most important thing that helped to generate over 100 comments in the post “Web 2.0 Link Building Guide” was how well the topic was covered . It is one of the best guide on Web 2.0 Link Building.

People loved the idea and also was asking questions as they saw me as an expert.

Aim to create a guide or a resource, people will value your time. 

Backlinko is a great example, you will only find guides there 😀 

3. Ask a Question at the End

This is the best and the simplest way to get your readers talking. People will comment if your question is good enough.

Have you heard Youtuber’s telling at the end of every video to comment, subscribe and like their video. This is because people are kinda stubborn and when you tell them it increases a tad chance of securing a comment 🙂

If you watch Brian Dean's video, you will always see that he asks a question at the end. This might seem dumb but it kinda works.

4. ​Use CommentLUV

This is another great way of getting a lot of comments but can increase the spam rate too. Ofcourse you can monitor those comments.

People love such a platform and it has its own advantages and disadvantages.

People are encouraged to comment as they get to share their latest post which helps both in traffic and an extra link back.

But if you are looking for genuine comment better skip it.

If you are looking for CommentLUV enabled blog in your niche to comment on, you can find through the site DropMyLink.

5. Use Thrive Comments

I am a big fan of Thrive Products including Thrive Architect, using which I formatted this post. Thrive Comments is another great product which I use on my niche sites. It’s kinda awesome.

It totally redefines the way people see comments.

Some of the best features of the product -

  • Choose What Happens After A Comment - Yes, you heard that right!
  • You can literally make the plugin to do anything including -
    Eg - Open a LightBox
  • You can ask the reader for social share. How awesome is that.
  • You can promote your affiliate products. Eg - Open a specific URL. Some page to welcome the reader and thank him/her for the comment. Promote a course.
  • Display related posts. Increases traffic like crazy.
  • Audience Insights- You see which of your posts is performing well in terms of comments. You can also track votes etc.
  • Lazy Load for Speed Optimization - This is will load your comments when the reader reaches to that specific page. This will help your loading times to be better.
  • A reader can sort the comments too.

If they update their status on Facebook, within minutes they get likes and comments. If they post on Reddit, they could earn a coveted trophy next to their name. Similar tactics can be applied using Thrive Comments.


Thrive Themes


5 Steps to a Perfect Blog Comment

Most people are commenting the wrong way.

You can't expect great things if you do it in the wrong way.

Can You?

To help you out here I have made kinda a check list which you should keep in mind when you comment the next time.

Blog Commenting can help you get a lot of things, just do it the right way 🙂 

1. Comment in the same niche

Relevancy is the key when it comes to backlinking with good results. The more relevant you are the better.

For example if you run a gardening blog, it good to comment on a gardening blog, you could go broader too like food or health as they are inter connected.

Don't go spamming around. You will find blogs in your niche.

Use these Keywords to Find Niche Relevant Blogs-

Add new comment” + “your keyword here”
“Leave a comment” + “your keyword here”
“Leave a reply” + “your keyword here”
 “Post a comment” + “your keyword here”
 “your keyword here” “Leave a comment”
 “your keyword here” “Comment here”
 “your keyword here” “Add comment”
 “Powered by WordPress” + “your keyword here”
 “your keyword here” “You may use these HTML tags and attributes”
 “your keyword here” “Post a comment”
 “Notify me of follow-up comments ”
 “your keyword here” “Notify me of new posts”
 “Comments on this entry:”
 “Sign in to comment on this entry.”
 “Login or register to post comments”
 “You must be registered and logged in to leave comments”
 “This blog uses premium CommentLuv”

Focus on quality and you won't ever regret.

2. Read the content first

I know you must be laughing at this but if you are serious about getting that juice out of the link you should do this.

Atleast skim through the article. Get a brief overview about what the article is all about. It's important that your comment reflects that you have given time in reading the content. This is valuable for any blog owner. Won't you be happy if you get such a comment.

Avoid -

"Great Article. Nice Work 🙂 "
These won't work, maybe a little


3. Write it big

I feel for the people writing few words for the comment. But if you are looking to create an impact atleast 4-6 lines is recommended. Not only does the blog owner will notice you but other readers will too.

Many will check your site too. You can get a lot of traffic that converts too. Don't feel it will go to waste or something

People get traffic all years round with such comments.

4. Get people to reply back

If you can get people to reply back to your comment, its priceless. You need not comment and forget about it.

Few tips to do this

  • Ask a question
  • Share your own experiences
  • Add tips, in other words provide more value to the existing article

5. Things to keep in mind

Here are few things you need to particularly keep in mind while commenting- 

  • Make sure not to use a keyword as your name. Don't be dumb, you would reach #1 spot even doing 50 of these. 
  • Use a gravatar. Its super easy and free.
    1. Create an account
    2. Upload an Image
    Whenever you comment, use this email-id and your image will show up in the comments.
  • Don't use your URL's in the comment. Some plugins automatically detects it as spam. Most bloggers won't approve it anyway so no use.
  • Try to build a relation after commenting. Maybe on Twitter or a quick email. You can leverage this later.
  • Always use a spreadsheet to note the links. It will help you to track which have been approved or pending. You can also see if there are replies.
  • Try to be the first to comment. I know its tough but it helps.​​​​
  • You can use both your home page links or integral page links. Most bloggers don't mind these.
  • Stay away from spammy sites with tons of comment. If you see people using URL's in their comments and keyword as their name, avoid commenting.


Hope you liked the article.

You must have to got to know the real power of blog comments and what it can do for your blog and buisness.

Tell me What stratigies you loved from the post?

What are your hidden secrets for Blog Commenting?

Tell me in the comments section. Unlike other's I'll reply to each of your comment 🙂

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