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How to attract Backlinks from Link RoundUps ( A Complete Guide)

The number #1 problem people face these days is in Link Building.

Do you agree?

If yes, then this post might be a life-saver for you.

Most people suck at Link Building, even I did few years back. People don’t know beyond guest posting or comment link-building.

In this post I will share the complete guide using which you will be able to attract links using Round Ups.

What you will learn after reading this post?

  • How to create a Link RoundUp Post for your blog
  • Email Outreach
  • Getting your posts in Weekly or Monthly RoundUps
  • Gaining strong backlinks using RoundUp
  • Tips to get more shares and traffic
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Guestographics-How I attracted 20 Quality Backlinks in 30 Days

Link Building is tough!

We can’t deny this.

Especially if you are starting new, it is impossible to get “good links”. And I mean “good” when I say it.

So are you like most bloggers, who struggle to build links to your site?

If your answer is YES! Then this post might be quite useful and can sharpen your link building skills too.

In this post, I will be showing the exact steps that I took to gain high-quality links to my niche site using Infographics. This method is popularly called “Guestographics” (Link Building using Infographics).

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Web 2.0 Link Building [The Complete Guide] – Get #1 Ranking

Hey Guys,

Hope you are doing well. Today I am going to show you how you can do Web 2.0 link building manually and make yourself a powerful WhiteHat PBN :p .

I see many bloggers struggling with link building. They are mainly the new bloggers who don't have  single clue about link building for their blog.

All they do for backlinking is either comment on other blogs or make links through social bookmarking.They hope to rank for competitive keywords but sadly after few months they quit blogging :(. This is because comment links are useless if  you don't have some authority links is pointing to your blog. 

Even I had no idea about link building when I started blogging in 2014.

The bitter truth is when anybody starts blogging they have no money to invest in link building services or in a paid campaign.

If you can relate to this situation, then the solution to all of your problems are Web 2.0s. The best part of Web 2.0s is that they can be easily made and are totally free, unlike PBNs.

Please join our Facebook Group if you haven't yet. Want to create such posts ? Read Thrive Architect Review!

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13 Killer SEO Blogs you Should Follow in 2016

Blogging is a never ending journey. We as bloggers need to constantly look into the strategies being applied by other pro bloggers.

There is no end to the knowledge you can gain about blogging. You may be a pro but its impossible to know everything about blogging. This is because things are changes every day, you can't implement methods that worked in 2004 now and hope to see the same results today.

I love reading other blogs and their case studies. Who doesn't? It is lovely to see other bloggers sharing their strategies and their results. SEO is crucial for the growth of any blog in 2016, and it is also important to be updated with latest Google Algorithm changes, etc. Most bloggers suck when it comes to link building and the SEO stuff. Even I :p .

So I decided to list down 13 SEO Blogs which you should follow in 2016.

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30+ Free High Quality Backlink Sources – Ultimate List

Most people suck at creating backlinks. Even I remain confused where and where not to make backlinks to get higher rankings on Google.

Most SEO Gurus claim that backlinks are the most important deciding factors for ranking keywords on search engines. It makes backlinks imperative for us.

So I decided to create an ultimate list of 30+ Authority Websites on which you easily create a backlink to your website. Hope it helps you to soar high in search engine rankings.

Image Sharing Sites

1.Photo Bucket-

PA- 53

DA- 87


Info- PhotoBucket is free image hosting site. It also allows small video to be hosted.Just add a relevant image and add a link in the description.

You can easily signup for a free account or simply by using your Facebook account.The free account gives you 2GB of free storage. Continue reading


7 On-Page Seo Mistakes to Avoid in 2016

Are you facing trouble ranking on Google?

We are living in 2016 and SEO has seen a significant change in the recent years.Google is getting smarter every day in its algorithm.Google launches SEO Updates once every while to justify that it is getting better every single day. The latest update being the Mobile Friendly Update.

On-Page Seo is very crucial for ranking on Google.So I compiled a list of 7 On-Page Seo Mistakes to avoid in 2016 to improve your ranking.

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