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How to build Micro Niche sites for Passive Income – The Complete Guide

Do you need quick money from blogging 🙂?

If your answer is YES, then you are at the correct page 😋

When it comes to quick money, micro niche wins every time!

I have created various type of sites including Event niche sites, Affiliate niche sites, Long-term niche sites, etc. From my experience, Micro Niche Blogs can rank and bank faster than any other type of site.

Now you might be thinking Why and How you can do it the right way? Let's get into the nitty and gritty.

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13 Best Blogging & Internet Marketing Podcasts to Listen in 2018

They are lots of ways to consume content.

It may be either text ,audio or video.

All three have their own advantages and disadvantages. Like text can be sometimes boring to read and nobody wants to watch a video with bad audio.

According to a data study-

At least 112 million Americans have listened to podcasts, a figure up 11 percent from last year, with 67 million listening to podcasts at least monthly.

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Blog Commenting : The Tactics I used to Generate 100+ Comments

Blog Commenting : The Tactics I Used to Generate 100+ Comments

No, BlogRags isn’t dead.

It has been ages since the last article, but hopefully you’ll like this one.

Is Blog Commenting Dead?

I don't think so.

Comments is the only main way through which a reader interacts with you or any other member. These can be useful in a lot of different ways other than just for interaction.

Many people think that Blog Commenting is dead, but its kinda not. 

In this article I will be explaining the strategies and tactics I use to generate a lot of comments in all of my posts.

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21 Tips and Tricks I learnt from 100 Days of Serious Blogging

Hey, Guys.

Hope you are all well. Happy New Year :).

I know it has been ages since my last post. I am sorry. I will try to be regular from now onwards.

In this post, I share some of my blogging tips and tricks that I learnt after 100 days of serious blogging. Trust me they are worth your time.

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Let’s face this:

Blogging not all that easy? We are in 2017 now, and things are only getting tougher.


Are you somebody who is failing to meet goals despite putting in honest efforts and money too?

I have been into blogging for roughly four years now, and I know exactly the problems you might be facing. Before BlogRags I created more than seven websites and only one of them is live now.

You might be thinking: 7 websites?? Are you kidding me?

I know where most people give up blogging after their first attempt, seven would be difficult to digest.

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How to create Eye-Catchy Blog Images Easily that don’t Suck

Do you think images matter in a blog post?

Yes they definitely do.

Let’s face it:

We as bloggers can’t be good at graphic design too. And that’s nothing to be ashamed of.

But this doesn’t gives us the privilege to use images that really “suck”. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting or at your peak in blogging. Images matter!

In this post I will share some of my tips and methods which I use everyday to create awesome blog images.

I’m really sorry for not posting content regularly. I know you cherish each blog post I write. 

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Hostgator Black Friday 2016 – 80% Discount Offer+Bonus

Hey guys,

One of the basic need of starting any blog or website is hosting. Apart from being a basic necessity, it is also the most critical steps you take in starting off your blogging journey.

Things like uptime, site speed may not be crucial in the early stages but becomes critical in later stages.

Hosting plays a major role in deciding the overall user experience of your blog. You don’t want your readers to face any problem in accessing your site.

Hostgator has been one of the most trusted brands when it comes to hosting. Moreover, the price of the Hostgator Black Friday offer is almost like a double treat. The discount is as high as 80% on various products.

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What are Newbie Bloggers doing Wrong? My Honest Opinion

Hey, Guys.

Hope you are all doing well. I know most of you are missing the content here at BlogRags. I am extremely sorry for that.

I want to thank you guys for the awesome response you gave us for the last post. The post has received a lot of comments and shares which are great to see and is motivating at the same time. The overall feedback has been great for the post.

If you haven’t checked my last post, then you are missing on something good. Do check it out.

Today’s blog topic is a serious one. It deals with the mistakes all the new bloggers do after starting blogging.

I’m no pro to be talking on this. But having made all those mistakes and because I have been around the blogging sphere for a while now I don’t want others to repeat them too.

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37 Online Marketing Experts share their Best Blogging Tools

I reached out to over 100 Bloggers asking them  3 Blogging Tools which they love to use. Over 37 blogging experts answered our question.

My favourite tool is Thrive Architect 🙂

Below are the list of blogging tools they recommended- 


How Luqman Made $4K+ with His Amazon Affiliate Niche Site – Case Study

I love reading cases studies. Do you?

When I read the case study of Luqman Khan and how he made more than 4K dollars with his five months old Amazon Niche Site, it left me thrilled. After this, I felt the need to feature him on my blog too. To which, he happily agreed.

I have asked him quite a few questions which people regularly search for when building Amazon Niche sites. Read the answers to the question I asked him below. 

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5 Ways to Easily Boost the Growth of Your Blog (Even If You’re A Novice)

This a Guest post by Theodore Nwangene. If you are interested in contributing to BlogRags mail us at

So you want to grow your blog? You’ve been blogging for Donkey years yet; your blog has been stagnant while other blogs that were just built a few months back are taking the lead.

You’ve tried several times to figure out what’s wrong with your blog maybe; you just need to turn a particular button and everything will fall into shape. I agree with you, what you need is to touch that invisible button and once you’ve done that; your blog will start growing speedily.

But then, there is a problem!

How do you locate that hidden button? Where do you even need to search for it?

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