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What I do

Epic Blog Posts

I don't often post on my blog but most of them epic. Yes, I really mean it when I tell you "epic". These posts will be worth each second of your time.


When I am not blogging, I am busy helping others to build their blog. I can write and design for your blog too. Find my work below.

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About Me

Hi, I am Himanshu Gupta, the mind behind BlogRags. After wasting 3 years in the blogging industry and after 5 unsuccessful blogs, I finally got success with BlogRags.
This was a game changer. Apart from BlogRags, I earn through few niches sites too. 

I am a proffesional blogger, digital marketer and a freelance writer. The main aim of the blog is to help fellow readers get successful through their sites. I have written many HQ articles here, and many more are coming.

Apart from blogging, I also help other individuals through my freelance services. When I am not blogging, I am either wasting my time on YouTube or playing FIFA 🙂 .

​Nothing can give you more happiness than following your dreams and ambition.

"Had a pleasure working with Himanshu on a few projects and I have to say he is a true professional. Would highly recommend him if you are looking for any help with your online business.

Udit Goenka, CEO of PowerUpHosting​

"BlogRags looks great , content is nicer.

Zac Johnshon, Blogger and Affiliate Marketer